How to run and build the pattern library

The pattern library is based on Fractal.

The code is hosted on GitHub.

Best way to understand how to run it and what is required is to read the documentation. Start from how to install Fractal; Node, npm, Gulp and Fractal itself are the things needed:

  1. Install Node and npm.
  2. Install gulp-cli: npm install gulp-cli -g
  3. Install Fractal-cli: npm i -g @frctl/fractal

Once everything is installed run:

npm install
gulp dev

And the pattern library should be visible at http://localhost:3000

For creating a build, that is just a static version of the library run:

gulp build

For everything else best to read the documentation extensively and check Fractal’s GitHub.

The master branch of the library is automatically deployed at every commit to Netlify.

Codeship, Snyk and Greenkeeper are also in use for checking errors while building and vulnerability and mantainability of dependencies.

How to get in touch and collaborate

If you have any question, suggestion or need a clarification regarding any component or the library in general feel free to open an issue.

Please also use the issues for requesting a component not present yet or a variation of one already in the library.

To do

The library is a work in progess. To check what we are working on please refer to the open issues.